The Backyard Gardners Show

This event took place last weekend in Kampala at Sheraton gardens. This is one of the events that happen during this season, basically its about gardeners coming together and learning more about plants. As usual on events things like cameras don’t miss out.

I personally didnt attend the event because i had a family function to grace but social media has been a darling and did all that for me. The pictures on facebook are so amazing and full of color, some dressed according to the function and some didnt (as expected) So if i had the chance to attend, this is what i wouldve worn personally:

1. Being a garden/outdoor event one is expected to match with the theme, there might not be a theme set up but you might need to move with the event, so something floral would do, a floral dress or pants with floral designs would do for me.

2. Bright colors, i mean the place would be definately full of bright colors so you need to blend in and not disappear. Match with the white lillies, blend in with the pink roses, dance with the yellow daisies just to look perfect with the flowers

3. Accesories like a hat with a matching bag would be a good idea, just to save your eyes and face from the sun burn since these events tend to happen in the summer. And basically these accessories tend to be part of the show.

4. Blend that dress or pants with amazing foot wear, nothing too fancy but just nice to the eye. A nice pair of sandles or low wedges would do you good, such events are out door or in gardens so you wouldn’t want to go digging out the entire place with your stilletoes.

5. I would totally and definately rock a goooood pair of sun glasses. It was a hot day the sun was out and about and with colors around you, you would definately want to protect your eyes, i would want to. So i would definately have a pair of glasses on me, personally im shy when im meeting new people for the first time and these give me some confidence.

6. Simple make-up its not a freak show, so i would do very simple make-up. I would do some lipstick a bold Red perhaps and that would be it.

All that said, the show was amazing according to the pictures on Facebook, like i said personally the above is what i would’ve worn. Someone else might as well disagree and have a different choice….





  1. I can imagine how you would have rocked this look dear…color & comfort is everything when it comes to such events for an effortless stylish look. thanks for sharing


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