Grooms and Tuxedos

I gained some little experience about men’s fashion when i started working in an all men fashion store. During my stay there i got know about different types of suits, i dint know what tuxedos were and i couldn’t tell the difference until i went through training.So basically i got to know the difference between a Tux and an Office suit, and what differentiates them: buttons, collar designs, color and the fashion of the suit. So basically Tuxedos are ceremonial suits, they can be worn to ceremonies but not to office.

I dressed different grooms almost every Saturday and i got to learn the different tastes and choices that most of them have, from a three piece suit to just a two piece whatever choice they made they always came out well. A groom has got to stand out as the man of the day, but he’s also got to look like himself and comfortable on what is a massive day for him, too. Usually you have to let him make certain decisions himself don’t be too set in your ways about what you want him to wear It’s his wedding, that’s one of the most important things I’ve learned about grooms.

A tuxedo is a man’s tailored suit used for semi-formal or formal wear. It may be sewn from a wide variety of colors and fabrics, brighter colors and unconventional designs are pervasive in tuxedo styling. Nevertheless, most tuxedos are produced in black. While tuxedos are available for purchase, most men rent these fancy suits for special occasions since they are infrequently worn and seen as an unwise investment.

Tuxedo jackets often include satin on the lapels that are attached to the collars. Tuxedo pants resemble men’s tailored trousers except that they generally have a satin or ribbon stripe sewn over the outside seam of the leg. Most tuxedos are worn with specific accessories that include the slightly stiffened, sometimes fancy, white pleated shirt that closes with old-fashioned shirt studs rather than buttons. Another important accessory is the cummerbund or fabric belt that encircles the waistband of the trousers and secures in the back.

And finally……. don’t over accessorize a Tux, it can quickly ruin a formal look. The whole idea of a tuxedo is to be as simple and uniform as possible (in order to let the women shine in their beautiful gowns!). All you need is a nice pocket square folded flat and just peeking from the breast pocket, a simple wristwatch with a thin face and leather band, and maybe a very nice bow tie .Don’t forget to purchase a nice pair of shoes and socks if you don’t have any, include a very nice shirt might be formal or ceremonial, plus the perfect matching belt. Above all remember to keep it simple! Less is more…..

Yours in style,





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