Favourite April buys

So May is a week away and April will be done, i love shopping and thats why i have a 9-7pm job🙄 otherwise there wouldnt be any shopping.

Anyway among the few things that i went out to buy here are my favourite buys for the month of April:

1. Aldo Nika in Gold, my very favourite item that tops the list is this Aldo shoe in gold, like they say every girl must own a pair of heel and i made an effort to own another. Apart from the beauty of the shoe its very comfortable and it actually feels good to wear.

2. Guess Reversable Tote, i own lots of bags most of which almost have the same design but the uniqueness of this Guess tote is what drove me to it, apart from the color combo i like the fact that it has another small bag inside that i can use on a side on any day i dont feel like carrying a bag.

3. Ruby-woo Lipstic from Mac, a shade that every girl must have i had to get these in stock incase i ran out of money, its my most common shade and i would rather wear it everyday.

4. Mettalic hand bracelet, i rarely go out to shop for jewerly because i own a jewerly business and i can just pick from there😜😜 Anyway i landed on this beautiful piece that felt great on my hand and the moment i tried it on, i couldnt put it off so i took it home with me.

So there you go, those are my favourite buys for April not so much but enough to keep me going for a while….




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