The Batwing sweater/Throw-on

It isnt yet the in-thing in uganda, but my friend sent me a couple of them and gave me one to try on, the rest were for selling. They were sold out the moment i wore one and took photos and posted on social media. Here is how i rocked my batwing sweater:

1.It would look better on jeans and a top it would really pull off that casual look, try not to wear it on an office outfit because it wont compliment your look the way it should.

2.Get it in your right fitting size, the smallest size being 12 and the biggest being 18, if youwore the   wrong size you wouldnt be as smart.

3.Leggings would be a good match too, incase you prefer wearing it on leggings go ahead and pull off that look.

3. Smartness has no weather they say, rock this sweater on a hot day or cold day or any time of the day and you would still nail it. 

4. Always stand out, make sure that you always look for the unique designs that aint yet on the market, look for these mostly online.



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