Stripes everyday

So its Monday and im clad in this black and white stripes shirt. It used to be a tight blouse but after months of loosing weight its more of a shirt than a tight blouse. The thing with stripes is that they tend to make us look shorter and wider.

No one wants to look short and fat, but the stripes design tends to exaggerate the look a little bit more. So im going to share a few tricks in how to wear stripes well:

Accessorize well, add a vest on top or a necklace, it should be a plain and simple color that matches the stripes. Also try a cardigan where the horizontal lines are broken up by a white plain shirt. Try a scarf or a black cardigan to minimize the widening effect, if you are not so into jewerly.

Know your body, some patterns really have a strong horizontal influence so If you have curvy hips or are bottom heavy, don’t wear tight, horizontal lines across the lower half of your body. Do plain on your lower part of the body and then go stripes on your upper part. For the petite feel free to rock the stripes.

Match your outfits well, any plain simple color on stripes would do, as long as its plain. Just be carefull if you are to add on anything on top like a sweater, scarf, belt or shoes. Make sure that the color of any of the add-ons matches the stripes and the other color well. The add-ons shouldnt be busy as well, plain and simple.

Try vertical strips, vertical strips are amazing because they elongate the body, if horizontal strips dont work for you, feel free to ditch them and try out the vertical stripes, these would look good on a dress especially if you are curvy.

Size of the stripes matter, the bigger the stripe the more fatter you will look, so unless you are a small kind that wants to look big try out the big stripes. If you are curvy and dont want to appear  fat try out the thin stripes.

Everyone can wear stripes, the key is to find the ones that make you feel confident and comfortable.



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