Cropped tops for this summer/hot season

January in Uganda is a terribly hot month and to make matters worse its way too dusty. Unlike any other month we don’t expect any showers to happen this month and its during this time that I put away all my heavy clothing and bring out the light ones. I chose crop tops with jeans this season because most of my light clothing comprises of crop tops, I even have a few decent ones that I can wear to work. Here are some of my favorite and when I usually wear them;

1. For a cocktail or dinner or even any random outing with friends I usually go for this lace top that I purchased from Lasenza, it also doubles as a bra but only in xxl shirts and blouses. For now I’m using it as a top for my evenings, it has a crisscross design at the back that keeps me fresh and comfortable throughout the night.


2. For work I try to make it decent, it’s a hot season and yes everyone will understand but no one will take your side when you walk naked on the streets, since I work at a fashion store it’s not necessary for me to walk-in in a suit but rather something stylish and nice. I love this particular top because it’s cotton but the light cotton, it covers my naval and it’s decent enough so I would comfortably wear this to work.


3. For an evening with friends or shopping or just a random weekend I’ll rock this green and black animal print crop top. Designed by me and tailored by my favorite tailor, I love to wear it on high waist jeans. It has a soft material that easily lets in fresh air and will keep me comfortable all day.


4. For a crazy night out with friends this would definitely be the right choice, slightly shorter than the rest I usually wear it with very high waist jeans as I’m not comfortable showing my naval. I wouldn’t wear this during the day as it exposes most off my body but I would comfortably wear it at night. It tends to get all sweaty and stuffy especially if it’s a crowded place, so you would want to wear something that keeps you comfortable in case it gets hotter.


So there you go, some of my favorite tops that I love to wear and find myself wearing all the time. Hope you guys love my simple and small collection, let me know what you think….





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