What to wear this rainy season:

The weather in Uganda right now is a little bit confusing though its the rainy season. The rains come abruptly with no warning and even after a long hot sunny day. So here are a few things to have on you all the time incase the rains find you somewhere and not at home and some of the things that you can rock this rainy season.
Scarf, have a scarf on you at all times incase a sweater is to big for you to carry, it might be a light scarf or a heavy one that might come in handy incase the rains start abruptly and yet you are in town. Scarfs come in different sizes and fashions and for it to come out beautifully will depend on how you wear it.

Flat shoes, one might not be comfortable with wearing winter boots and going to town only for it not to rain, so why not wear those ballerina pumps that might do the work properly, just wear the right ones for incase it rains you dont have to get mud all over your feet or get them wet inside.

Ankle boots, for a cold and wet night out you might decide on trying out those ankle boots. Make sure to get out the party ones that will bring out the look, who wouldn’t want to be in club with freezing feet or wet toes and the best way to avoid this is buy grabbing yourself a pair of winter boots.

Sweater, carry a sweater on you or a jacket incase the rains became heavy these might come in handy you wouldnt want to get wet and ruin your days events so having a sweater or jacket on you might save you the trouble.

Winterboots, incase you dont have a pair take time to purchase a pair, one pair might be enough and it doesnt have to ruin your budget. Winter boots help incase of heavy rains and you have to do alot of walking, they also help with keeping your feet warm.

Dont forget to purchase a pair of jeans,for this season as skirts will not do you any good. Jeans come in handy as they protect you from the cols and keep your legs warm which skirts might not be able to do.

Lets keep warm and look fabulous this wet season



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