How you can afford shopping without messing up your bank account

We all love shopping, atleast its one of my favourite things. But what keeps us from the daily shopping is the fact that we cant afford to do it, either things are too expensive or we are broke and we cant afford to lose all our savings just to clothes and make-up and shoes and so on and so forth.
When you are window shopping at expensive department stores, it’s easy to look at the price tags and feel discouraged. However, there are ways that you can fill your closet with designer pieces without emptying your bank account. If you get a little bit resourceful with your saving and your shopping, you can afford gorgeous designer clothing.

Shop during Sale season, every store has that time of the year that they put everything at half price. Some stores have monthly sale or annual sale and its during this time that you should go shopping. Sales are often put during holidays when people are in the shopping spirit. Sometimes stores just put up sale to get rid of old stock and make way for new stock. If theres something that you have been eyeing all this time and its still available, now is the time to go for it.

Target offers, once in a while stores put stock on offer, ‘buy one get one free’ even if the price is a bit high chances are you are going home with 2 products one paid for and another free. If theres anything that you want now would be the best time to get it.

Promotions, usually when stores are promoting a new product they put it at a lower price before it goes to its original price. This might also happen during holidays and might be seasonal. Promotions help to market the new product and to also inform the public about the items.

Opening or closing sale, the best time to go shopping is when a store is closing or opening, the best of all times is when its closing because they might have clearance sale. And usually items might go as low as 75% off. Or they  might be changing location and wouldnt want to go with too much stock so the best way is to put it on clearence sale.

Save, Set a goal to put aside a little bit of money every time you get paid. It doesn’t have to be a large amount, but just enough so that you are actively working toward your goal. Once the money goes into the wardrobe budget, don’t take it out for anything else. Save it until you find something worth your hard earned money.

Tip: make friends with the stuff that work in these stores as theyll be able to inform you about any sales or offers that will be running.



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