5 Lipstick Shades Every girl must have:

No matter who you are, the time of the year, the choice of your career, every woman/ girl must own Lipstick. There are some shades that are appropriate for every season and every skin colour . As a girl you should at least have the following Lipstick colours in your collection:

1.NUDE, a nice simple nude is a must this can be worn during official or serious situations, if not simple gloss can do. Nude also comes in handy when you are confused on what color to wear, remember that nude is more of your skin colour.


2. RED, is for the classic, fierce and strong look also every girls must have, its bold and it stands out. Be sure to attract some attention with this color on your lips, be ready to hit the club and an evening out with friends as this color is rarely worn on official occasions.


3. BERRYclose to maroon but bit lighter, this color isn’t as bold as red but again it isn’t sleepy, you will still stand out out of the crowd as it makes a statement, Berry is a new trend as many people have started embracing it.


4. PINK, best option for the chocolate skin complexion rhymes with Berry too but Pink will still come out best. It can be worn in many styles, light or hot pink any shade will come out best, decide the shade you feel comfortable with and go for it.


5. PURPLE, bold and fierce you will definitely stand out of the crowd.Its best worn on a dark eye or smoky eye, it also comes in different shades so you can pick out the shade that best suits you. Its one of the most flattery and classic colors today.





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